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[COMEDY STORY]: Back in ’09 — November 24, 2012

[COMEDY STORY]: Back in ’09

Here is a short comedy story about me an my freind Mikey.

Back in ’09

We were workin at Target in San Jose when too babes walk in and ask where we kepped the hot sauce and I was all like, hey babe that’s me. So I licked my finger and slapped it on my belly and was like, hey yo wanna go on a date? but she was like, no thanks…bryan. So Mikey and I went all guerilla and showed off our arms and one of the babes came over and rubbed my lucky charms.

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A Day in the Park Goes Weird — October 12, 2012

A Day in the Park Goes Weird

Here is the most hilarious true story I have ever had happen to me:

Scene: I’m in a park, and a guy touches my dog, Craviss.

ME: Bro, he’s not yours…don’t touch him!

MAN: This park isn’t yours.

ME: Could be mine if I wanted it to be.

MAN: Ask the Parks and Rec. team…they’ll tell you the truth.

ME: Um…I’m the king of San Jose.

MAN: Go ahead and tell the authorities that

ME: Heck yah!

MAN: Oh go screw that tree.

ME: Ok maybe I will



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